Beginning with breakdancing at age 6, Rapbaum progressed to poetry and

spoken word even before his teen years. Eventually landing himself a recording

studio job, it is there he created his first project, “Color Spectrum” in 2012. This

debut project hints at the music and production skills that would flower over

the years, and that the New Orleans-based rapper, songwriter, and producer

hones today. Ranging from pared-down R&B vocals to assertive lyrics rapped

over sometimes funky, other times more soulful instrumentals, he has amassed

nearly 100,000 streams across platforms. Influenced by Erykah Badu, J.Dilla,

J.Cole, Mac Miller, and The Roots, to name just a few, he blends groovy selfproduction

with melody-powered hooks and free-flowing lyrics. This unique

sound has led him to share the stage with SuPreme of the WuTang Clan, a

multi-city tour with Portculture as a headline artist, and performances at the

“House of the Blues” and the “The Howlin Wolf” in New Orleans. With a nearconstant

flow of collaborative output with other emerging talents, Rapbaum’s

music is authentic, reflective of the places he goes and the people he meets.

When he’s not performing at shows, Rapbaum travels from city to city, making

music on his yellow school bus turned music studio, another project he brought

to life. He has received nods from genre-leading publications, powered by a

loyal and growing following headed for mass appeal. He has dedicated himself

to mastering songwriting, lyrics, production, recording, and mixing. In 2015, he

co-founded his recording studio, Soul Sonix, creating a collective of like-minded

rappers, singers, and innovators to enrich each other’s art. Always challenging

himself, he has uploaded a new instrumental to his SoundCloud every day for

the past 712 and counting. To some, this may seem like an ambitious feat, but

for Rapbaum, this is just another exercise to stimulate his ceaselessly creative


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